This page contains some of my public talks and presentations (lightning talks and Pixels Camp events are up on YouTube).

Big Data and ML Overview

A post-graduate class taught at Nova School of Business and Economics on February 3rd 2020, providing an overview of Big Data and Machine learning in Azure cloud and how typical data science processes are managed (covering core concepts, tools, typical processes, sizing factors and cost estimations).


SDN at Hyperscale

Slides presented at the ISCTE Software Defined Networks Seminar on April 5th 2018, providing an overview of Microsoft's global WAN and datacenter infrastructure, core SDN services provided by Azure for conventional virtualization workloads and the challenges involved in mapping traditional networking concepts onto containerized workloads using Docker and Kubernetes.

Slides, Internet Archive for the ISCTE seminar website.

7 Secrets of Data Science In a Business Context

My talk at the Portuguese Data Science meetup held by DSPT in October 2017


Scaling Docker Swarm on Azure

A live stream demoing how to scale Docker Swarm clusters on Azure, recorded as part of the Journey To Web Summit 2017 online event.

Slides, Internet Archive for Channel 9, Livestream recording.